The Worry Hotline

Motherhood brings much joy, but also the responsibility for actions that will affect your children for the rest of their lives. The weight of making the wise decisions necessary to keep a child alive, safe and thriving can be agonizing. So many questions! So many answers!


WH 1 & 2



When I was raising my children I wanted to know who I could go to for that one, ultimate, authoritative and credible answer to all motherhood’s questions.


WH 3 & 4

WH 5 & 6


I longed for a “Worry Hotline” that I could call for answers. It seemed there was a hotline for everything…


WH 7 & 8


If cooking a turkey rated a hotline, why not child rearing? Was it too much to ask for experts to help us with the most valuable resource in the country, our children?

I desperately wanted to stop the endless weighing of pros and cons, the infinite analyzing of consequences and the fear that every decision I made might end in lifelong mental or physical harm to my children.

I wanted to go from this:


WH 9 & 10


WH 11


To this:


WH 12 & 13


The Worry Hotline would be staffed by mothers who had raised large families of happy, healthy, functional children. They would have at least a Master’s degree in Child Development and call me “Honey” or “Dear”. They would know every answer to any question with absolute certainty.

They would put me out of my misery.


WH 14, 15 & 16


Somehow, I made it through motherhood and raised two terrific kids without the support of a Worry Hotline.

However, I still think it is a good idea!


WH 17


Happy Mother’s Day, dear Moms!




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89 thoughts on “The Worry Hotline

  1. Reblogged this on chanamaro and commented:
    “Somehow, I made it through motherhood and raised two terrific kids without the support of a Worry Hotline. However, I still think it is a good idea!” – original author

  2. As I sit with a bottle of wine on Mother’s Day reading this, I wonder – is this about me? Loved it. Beautifully illustrated.

  3. Fabulous, creative, funny and endearing. Love the depiction of the “older” worry line woman. I can actually hear her seasoned and soothing voice in my mind. Thank you for a perfect end to my Mother’s Day!

  4. Well done as usual!! I don’t know how you come up with these stories! Interesting picture of me. I have never been “cartooned”!

  5. No parenting fairy visits you. The most important job in the work and there’s no training. For it. You just have to wing it and keep your fingers crossed for a couple of decades. Your post was hilarious.

  6. A worry hotline would take the fun out of being a parent. Knowing what our child is doing takes away from the connection. As a parent I see the benefits for my peace of mind but i wouldn’t sacrifice worrying as a reminder that I stay have deep affection for my child. But good idea….

  7. Too funny! Hopefully the sweet ladies answering the phones won’t judge me too harshly when I ask them, “how do I get through a day without having a daydream…or two, about back handing my lippy daughter.” Too much? Perhaps as long as I keep it a daydream, I’m alright. I found that blogging about it really gets the frustration out.
    Even so, I’m sure I’ll be the first to use this invaluable tool!

  8. Haha such a cute and warm and inviting post. I created a new blog last month called Real Life Natural Wife. I really enjoyed your blog. I hope you’ll come check it out and leave me a comment with your thoughts! Congrats on being freshly pressed! Have a great day!

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