1. Sally Robinson says:

    Fascinating, Marge. Thanks for a new perspective. So glad you’re back blogging!

  2. Jean Foley says:

    This is what they call a “hat trick” in hockey! Three fabulous contributions for all of us to enjoy. Insightful, funny and very clever.
    Very grateful for your patience and talent in sharing another “Marging” adventure.
    Jean Foley

  3. arniekanter says:


    I really enjoyed these, all of which I read today.  I assume that “Bob” is for cover.

    The one thing (the only thing) that I’ve really enjoyed about my free time because of Covid-19 is that I’m reading through all of my old travel journals and blogs, something I never imagined that I, or anybody else, would ever do.  They are rich in detail and texture and provide a sense of our travels that looking through photos just can’t match.  I’ve also used this project as an excuse to reconnect with people around the world who we met on these travels, many of whom have already written back very newsy emails.  I’ve also been reminded, as if I needed reminding, of what an incredibly privileged life we’ve lived.


  4. Kara Johnson says:

    Hi Marge this is Kelly and shared these with Kara – awesome as always thanks for sharing we both really
    Enjoyed all 3!

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