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Halloween History

Halloween has changed and evolved over the years and I always seem to be a step behind in calculating what lies ahead.

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Trick or Treating was still in full swing by the time I was a young married mother experiencing my first Halloween on the giving side of the candy bowl. Remembering my childhood disappointment at the measly Halloween handouts in my neighborhood, I was determined to be one of the “go to” houses that gave out copious amounts of candy bars.

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In later years, these stories proved to be unfounded. At the time, however, fears of Halloween Sadism combined with the very real tragedies of the Adam Walsh kidnapping in 1981 and the Tylenol poisonings in 1982 drove Halloween celebrations indoors to school gymnasiums, park district field houses and parties at home.

Some trick or treating continued, but the kids were likely to be driven door to door by their parents to areas parents knew and trusted. Halloween as I had known it seemed to be dying.

We moved further into the country in the 1990s and rarely saw trick or treaters. One Halloween, I arrived home from work and noticed a big, black Mercedes purring down our long driveway.

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Yes, I thought, Halloween by anyone’s understanding is nearing death when trick or treating is conducted out of the back seat of a Mercedes!

But then….

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Apparently, this was just another one of my Halloween miscalculations.

Happy Halloween, 2014!