18 thoughts on “Motherhood’s Fantasies

  1. That gerbil story sure resonates with me! We ended up with almost 40 of the creatures, from two “female” gerbils to start with! And they got loose all too often. Hope your Mothers Day is super, Marge!

    1. That makes me feel better. I thought we were the only family with a gerbil problem. Ours escaped all the time, too. They ate right through the plastic part of the cage. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Sally!

  2. This made me think of so many happy childhood memories – although now that I am thinking of them through adult eyes I commend you for not running far, far away. You left out the doves, the rabbits, and Laurie the Ferret, who if you remember was the star of our first “major motion picture production”, Murder in the Mansion. You have content for many Mother’s Day blogs to come! Thanks for being such a great mom, to both your own kids and the “neighbor kid!”

    1. Thank you, Liz! I was so tolerant back then! Although the rule about keeping the pets in the basement helped a lot. Those were happy times and I am so glad you were part of them.

  3. Hey 🙂 I just saw your post… beautiful… I would like my mother was yet here with me 🙁 I miss her very much… I’m italian i’m new in this huge wordpress world… do you live in Chicago? I love that city I have part of my family there *.*

  4. I love this! Id you draw the pictures yourself? I love how I’m not the only one who had big dreams and now I am dealing with the reality of children!

    1. Thank you! I like when a post resonates so you don’t feel alone in life’s journeys. I have two other posts on my site: “The Worry Hotline” and “When Mother Knows Best” that I hope will resonate with all the mothers who read them.

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