12 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Grandmas

  1. Marge, I just started reading your blog, thanks to Amy Brown! This is so great, and I can’t wait to read what’s in store for your followers! Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Wonderful, as always, Marge! You should write a book. It would become a best-seller. Your stories are always entertaining and relevant.

  3. Marge, thank you for your thoughtful post (loved the pictures, too). I share your hope of remembering our ancestors and passing that information to our descendants.

    1. Thanks, Sally! I wish I had been interested in my ancestors a lot earlier in my life. I would have asked my mom and others a lot more questions. You have done a great job of doing your best to make sure that your family stories live on. It is something that will be appreciated for generations.

  4. Hi Marge,
    LOVED the latest “Marging” for many reasons.Was highly encouraged to see CoCo by granddaughter, Emily, and I thought it was fabulous
    So many wonderful ideas to take to heart and that comes thru so clearly in your strip. Always warms my heart to see the product of your hard work and talent. Many thanks, J.

    1. Thank you, Jeannie!! It was nice to spend time remembering my grandmas while I worked on it.

  5. So true! Can’t wait to see the movie too! Kara’s too old now but I still love these movies.
    Hope u r having a great mother’s day!

  6. So true! Can’t wait to see the movie, kara is too “old” now bit I still enjoy animated films.
    Hope you are having a great mother’s day!

  7. This was the BEST!!! Molly must have sent it to me…you are BRILLANT!!! I identified with EVERYTHING you wrote and all your cartoons….you need to go national! I love the day of the dead and have wanted to celebrate it with you family for the past three years when I first heard about it but they thought I was nuts! I sooo loved your description of it and will send your post on to them and maybe they will change their minds… your description of you being a mother and your children’s reaction to you as compared to your mother and you was sooo great!i felt you were writing about me…no kidding! I really loved this whole post and am hoping you and Molly will come to West Palm Beach next winter so we all can have some fun and lots of laughs… I can’t tell you enough times how much I loved this post and how great it made me feel, thank you so much!!! Kathy


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