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  1. Hillarious,  my bed is window seat/coach in Jerrys room  an NWMH is very comfortable by the way and sure enough we face East and dangling out the window the black “widow” spiders.   They are on the 95th floor of hancock too.  They blow over the window from the deep forests of Michigan directly across the lake.  The wind carries them or their eggs and splat against the skyscrapers and have no choice but to live in high windows.  They don’t climb up there, and only on Lake exposed sides  of skyscapers tall enough to catch them


    1. I think they get worse the higher you go up… I would have to close the drapes if I had to look at some of the colonies I have seen out of condos on really high floors!

  2. Alas my Lass those spiders eat any other insects that find their way to your deck. Perhaps it is the spider who sat down beside her.

    1. When one of these monsters sits down beside me, I definitely do not share my curds and whey.

  3. It was amazing to watch the spiders on the Hancock, Marge. They would weave their magical webs, true works of art. Pretty soon those webs would be covered with the little gnats that blew against the building with the wind. Plenty of food for those arachnids, so they kept getting bigger, and bigger and…my gosh, just like you picture in your strip, able to carry away small children and animals.

    Then the window washers would swoop down out of the sky to do their job. The wily spiders, though, sensed the pending destruction and hid in the crevices of the windows. The workmen would dispatch the webs with a flourish of their squeegees; no sooner did they move on but the spider would begin making a new, maybe more elaborate web.

    Most interesting to me was the different mentalities of the spiders. Some made webs that were not just beautiful, they were strong and looked solid against the elements. Other guys just threw up a temporary, flim-flam kind of thing. Even in the spider world there appear to be artists and thinkers and planners – and then just guys who get by.

    Have a great day. Trudy

    1. What a great and vivid description of spider life at the Hancock! I like seeing it as a metaphor of human effort. Right about now, I would like to see some human effort go into washing the windows and getting these buggers off my windows!

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