1. Laura says:

    Right on! We used to enjoy outings like this; especially at ravinia but our music experience ends up with loud talking and people walking on our blankets to find a better place to sit…..even tho I got there hours earlier so I could secure a place and not bother other people.

    • Marge says:

      At least the concerts at Millennium Park are free, so you don’t have the added insult of having paid for the annoyances! But any way you slice it, the orchestra is great and the experience is always delightful.

  2. Jean Foley says:

    Marge, Loved the “behaving badly” piece. And to think I’ve gone there to hear music or see movies! Look at all I’ve missed!! Looking forward to tomorrow evening’s dining Italia. Many thanks for making it happen. Jeannie Sent from my iPhone

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