I’m losing it!

My friends try to reassure me. “You still know your name and where you live,” they say. “You’re fine!”

I want desperately to believe, but then something like this happens:


Rows 1 - 9Nothing made sense to me! The disappearance of my cart from the Deli Department, its return to the Produce Department, the hysterical lady screaming at me and the store manager’s demanding questions had me completely bewildered.

My confusion awakened the old general manager in me. Years of handling squabbling employees and convoluted manufacturing problems had prepared me for this moment.

Rows 10 - 13I admit I was a little unnerved by the incident, but I continued shopping. I had better things to think about.

32 & 33There are still so many unanswered questions about this experience. Why did the woman get so hysterical when her cart was gone? Did she see me walk off with it? Was I so preoccupied with my concerns for Oprah’s career that I didn’t hear her shout out to me? How did the manager end up with the can of black olives I put in her cart by mistake?

And most importantly, am I losing it?


  1. Anita says:

    Ha!! I did the same thing a few weeks ago, but “the victim” was waaaay nicer than yours. We actually laughed about our moment of realizing she too was pushing around the wrong cart. Of course, I was the perpetrator since I initiated it by taking her cart in the first place. Very nice piece that brings humor to a common occurrence.

  2. nancysbishop says:

    Most important, why are you buying olives in a can when the kalamatas from the olive bar are so much better? That’s parallel to the iceberg lettuce question.

    • Marge says:

      Ha, ha, yes, you have a good point! See, another piece of evidence that I am losing it!

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