The Dead Chicken

Bob and I love to walk the neighborhoods of Chicago.

Over the last two years, we’ve enjoyed long walks through 35 of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. Each is unique and comes with its own set of fascinating sights.

Row 1Dead Chicken

Row 2 Dead Chicken

Bob and I take turns planning our walks.

Sometimes I organize our excursions:

Row 3 Dead Chicken

And sometimes Bob chooses our next adventures:

Row 4 Dead Chicken

Row 5 Dead Chicken

We always learn something new about the history, culture and people of our city. We frequently come across peculiar things we can’t explain, but we always have fun trying.

Row 6 Dead Chicken

Perhaps the strangest thing we’ve seen on any of our walks was a dead chicken. We were walking in the Avondale neighborhood along the Chicago River on a sidewalk bordering some nice condos.

Row 7 Dead Chicken

It seemed odd to see people going about their lives, oblivious to the dead chicken in their midst.

Row 8 Dead Chicken

We moved on and finished our walk, but the dead chicken left an impression. At first, it was a passing reference.

Row 9 Dead Chicken

But after a while, we used it primarily as a geographical reference.

Row 10 Dead Chicken

It’s not that I don’t understand the city street grid system, but having a memorable point of reference just makes more sense to me. Eventually, the dead chicken became the State and Madison of an alternate way of describing city locations.

Row 11 Dead Chicken with grid rev

Bob and I recently started our third year of walking and exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods. We look forward to seeing more special and interesting sights, but doubt any will ever replace the dead chicken.



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    1. Thanks, Rick! Bob appreciates being able to have a language in which to communicate locational issues. He says I am spatially challenged.

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