Hopeful at Home Depot

This past Memorial Day weekend found me at Home Depot to buy plants for my balcony and paint for my window sills.

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My nearest Home Depot is on North Avenue in Chicago in the middle of an area of young professionals and families. Many of them were shopping for supplies to complete home projects over the long weekend.

Some received bad news before they even left the store.


Others’ self confidence crumbled before my very eyes.


The plight of humanity stretched  before me.


Especially notable was the marital conflict erupting around me. I empathized with the constant tug of war of opinions about home improvement and decorating when two unique individuals live together. I certainly had my fair share when I was married. Like the time I came home to find a prime spot in the front hallway set up as a Civil War Memorial.


Or the time we almost a lost a future generation to a poorly installed children’s pool during a family reunion.





We were lucky no one was hurt, but that family reunion is one that no one will ever forget!

Single now, and without a husband to blame for anything that might go wrong, I hire out most of my home repairs and decorating projects. As I left Home Depot, I wanted to reassure the confused, soothe the irritated, help the indecisive and impart words of wisdom learned from decades of my own DIY successes and failures.


But I remained silent. I knew they would find their way, patch up their disagreements and make wonderful improvements to their homes.

With or without the cove moulding.

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  1. We moved into our new house on Monday, so your timing is beyond perfect. I think I fit into the delusion category, rather than confusion or conflict. Thanks for a great read.

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