Words of Wisdom

I remember the day I came upon a quote that changed my life.



It was the most enlightening thing I had ever read. Yes, it’s a great quote, but why did it resonate so deeply?

Perhaps it was because my examples at home were more “cursing the darkness” than “lighting the candle.”



Or it could have been that I had never heard quotes and sayings used for inspiration.



But this! This quote was not only inspirational, but empowering!

Unhappy? Dissatisfied? And I could do something about it? This had never occurred to me. It was revolutionary.

It changed the way I lived my life.



I recognize that it is not always possible to change things that make you unhappy or dissatisfied (see Serenity Prayer), but I always feel better when I’ve tried.

Over the years, other quotes played inspirational roles in my life, too.



The quotes have been my advisers, motivators, cheerleaders and supporters.

Their wisdom seems new every time my eyes fall upon them, no matter how long they’ve sat dog-eared or yellowed on my desk or shelf.




But you know what I’m thinking? It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

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  1. One of my favorite blogs! An eighth grade boyfriend once said “life has little thorns among the roses”

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